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Caddyshack – The Bishop's Final Round: The Bishop (Henry Wilcoxon) has Carl (Bill Murray) caddy for him during a thunderstorm in which he plays his best and final round of golf.
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Danny Noonan (Michael O'Keefe), a teen down on his luck, works as a caddy at the snob-infested Bushwood Country Club to raise money for his college education. In an attempt to gain votes for a college scholarship reserved for caddies, Noonan volunteers to caddy for a prominent and influential club member (Ted Knight). Meanwhile, Danny struggles to prepare for the high pressure Caddy Day golf tournament while absorbing New Age advice from wealthy golf guru Ty Webb (Chevy Chase). CREDITS:
TM & © Warner Bros. (1980)
Cast: Bill Murray, Henry Wilcoxon
Director: Harold Ramis Watch More:
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