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Land of the Dead – Undead Vengeance: Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) gets cornered by Big Daddy (Eugene Clark) and Cholo (John Leguizamo).
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In a world where zombies form the majority of the population, the remaining humans build a feudal society away from the undead. Ruthless Paul Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) rules and protects this microcosm but enforces painful class distinctions. Second-in-command Cholo DeMora (John Leguizamo) attempts to lead a secret rebellion against Kaufman's tyranny, but when the zombies begin to evolve, the survivors must discover a way to protect themselves from a zombie hoard that can learn and adapt. CREDITS:
TM & © Universal (2005)
Cast: Dennis Hopper, Eugene Clark, John Leguizamo
Director: George Romero Watch More:
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