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Navy SEALS – Underwater Fight: The SEALs stage a sneak attack on Shaheed’s (Nicholas Kadi) boat; below the water, Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) and Shaheed fight to the death.
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Navy special operations forces go to the Middle East to free a helicopter crew taken captive by terrorist Ben Shaheed (Nicholas Kadi). After learning that Shaheed has killed a hostage and acquired missiles on the black market, Lt. James Curran (Michael Biehn) and Lt. Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) consult with a reporter who is an expert on Shaheed and his motives. As Shaheed embarks on his plan to violently derail regional treaty talks, the special operations forces make their move. CREDITS:
TM & © MGM (1990)
Cast: Nicholas Kadi, Rick Rossovich, Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Paul Sanchez
Director: Lewis Teague
Screewriter: Chuck Pfarrer, Gary Goldman WHO ARE WE?
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