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Saved! – Ladies' Room Heart-to-Heart: Cassandra (Eva Amurri) gives the tough girl act a rest and talks to Mary (Jena Malone) about her situation.
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Mary (Jena Malone) is a devout girl at a Christian high school, dating Dean (Chad Faust). But her perfect world begins to fall apart when Dean reveals that he's gay. She receives a vision from Jesus and tries everything she can to help Dean, including offering her virginity. Unfortunately, Dean is sent to a treatment center to "cure" him, and Mary discovers she's pregnant. When her friends turn on her, she finds solace with school misfits Roland (Macaulay Culkin) and Cassandra (Eva Amurri). CREDITS:
TM & © MGM (2004)
Cast: Eva Amurri, Jena Malone
Director: Brian Dannelly
Screenwriter: Brian Dannelly, Michael Urban Watch More:
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